Purple Crystals Cheat in Ambush! Tower Offense Game Android

Creative Mobile`s Fun Factory is the developer of Ambush! Tower that offers tower defense game where you will have to defend your territory at all costs

ambush tower offense walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to protect your terrain form the horde of incoming enemies
To protect your territory, you must build some towers that you can use to attack some enemies passing by

On the other side, you will be introduced with offense and defense
Offense is to attack other players to get resources for free from their bases.
Defense is to expand your kingdom by defending neutral villages from attackers

Throughout the game, you will be prompted to complete some following objectives
First is never to let let enemies get through your base
Secondly, you have to build some towers to kill those pesky enemies.
Always watch out of your health points meter, if it reaches zero the game will be over.

This game also features some currencies such as health, gold coins and crystals that will be needed to accomplish your main objectives

In order to get gold coins, every time you beat any enemy in the battlefield, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to upgrade your towers

Later on, if you can defeat all enemies in certain periods, you will be awarded with crystals that you can use to buy more towers and to speed up the upgrade process
And, if you get enemy`s bosses in this game, make sure to use booster to eliminate all enemies at once

Furthermore, you can apply these following tips to defense your tower and to beat any incoming enemies
You can use Arrow towers versus scout portal and Cannon tower versus infantry portal then Magic tower versus time portal.
Try to use Sound tower to slow down enemies before getting your tower.
Make sure to use boosters to kill an evil hero and any enemies easily at the same time then use meteor to eliminate large groups of monsters at once
To help you in beating enemies, you can set up mines when your towers are not enough to deal with them as they will come in a group when you reach advanced levels

Every time you get some resources, you will earn experience to increase your level
You can also produce some points by letting your monster pass through their base then build portals until the time ends.

In addition, to make Tower Offense, you can try to apply these following strategies
Try to use Infantry vs arrow towers and use “support us all” towers to heal other monsters.
Always use health flask to heal your units when battling with enemies then use chilling touch to freeze towers in a glance.

Ont thing is that big health and armor will taunt the towers.
Then, medium health and armor will summon additional monsters while medium resistance and health will heal other monsters in your territory.

Besides, if you have high speed and resistance, your health will get regenerated pretty quickly.
In the way of collecting more resources, you can raid territories with resources only.


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