Purple Crystal Cheats in Ghost Blade iPhone

As you have read from the review of Ghost Blade, this game can be grouped into all-swipe action game, with stunning and violent adventure that will bring you back to ancient times.

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On the other side, this game offers the same violent, balletic combo chaining, aerial slashes, and critical evasion of character action games all in touch controls.

The story of this game is set during the Yellow Turban Rebellion of 184 AD in China, then the rebellion leader and sorcerer Zhang Jiao has learned how to resurrect the dead and has created an army out of undead soldiers.
And, those who have been sent to assassinate Zhang Jiao have not returned yet, and so the two characters that you control who are sent as part of the secret assassin group “Xuan Yu Wei” to bring him and his army down.

Here, you play a role as a swordsman who will explore any environments including in the misty, eerie royal courtyards, wild battlefields where the smoke and flames of war rise or the boundless snow-covered valleys.

During the battle, you will have to deal with traps to dodge, plenty of enemies to slash through, boss enemies to tackle, and leaderboards to compete on for the best scores against your friends.

At the beginning of the game, you are able to switch to the mode in setting
Touch and drag will move your hero and swiping fast horizontally is used to attack enemies
Make sure to evade enemies attack by swiping down quickly
You can swipe right/left/top/bottom side for evading as well

Also, try to switch from the targets for the Power Cleave then keep switching among the targets for more Power Cleave

For investigating things or people you meet, you can simply touch them.
Just swipe over more than one target horizontally for Whirlwind.

To get the best direction, you can touch with two fingers
In order to jump onto the stone, you can merely swipe above it.

Take a look the blue bar above that means health.
Having enemies blue soul is for restoring your health bar.

Once having through some stages you will be able to get the purple crystal that you can use to purchase costume and inventories.

Meanwhile, when the enemy defends, Power Cleave can smash the defense in a quick time.
When seeing the enemy glows green, swipe horizontally for Counter Strike.


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