Pulls Gacha for Medals in Metal Slug Attack iPhone

Metal Slug Attack fro SNK Playmore is the newest franchise of Metal Slug game which you can play both on the ios and android devices

metal slug attack walkthrough ios android

This game can be categorized into a mobile RPG with tower defense which offers 2D dot-pixel characters and outlandish war fighters, each with specific weapons and characteristics

Along the game, you will build a team that you can use to defeat enemies from Vietnam to the Middle East and more.

When playing this game, you can speed up battles, where you must have double speed turned on first
You can also get Auto turned on to enjoy the game in automatic version
Anyway, when you are in a tougher battle, you must do the battle controls yourself.

During the battle, make sure to save up your stamina and use the minimum defense
Later on, you can then send in the heavy artillery to get the victory at ease.

On the other side, you can pull at the gacha you get the free pulls.
Doing so will allow you to unlock new character and some items
Make sure to always have your support troop upgraded enough, so that your stamina gain will outrun
Besides, you must have some characters to sustain a consistent attack when performing your action.

For further, you can win the next battle, where you must go to the build up screen in the main map area and power up your characters.
In line with this, make sure to equip them with skills to increase their stats
Also, pay MSP to power them up which will increase their experience levels and all of their stats.

Meanwhile, you can try to play in new modes, which will make you gain levels
At this point, you can play in the Special Ops, which will be fixed within the next update or two

As usual, this game will feature medals which you must get to use for anything in the game
To get them for free, just go to the quest and daily screens and complete them for rewards

Completing daily quest will give you short-term missions which earn you big rewards in form of medals
Plus, if you can win the battle, you will also be rewarded with these medals

Thus, keep searching for new quests to be completed for coins, treasure and experience points to level up your characters.


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