Prisms Cheats in Big Hero 6 Bot Fight iPhone

Disney has come to ios with its newest game entitled Big Hero 6 Bot Fight which is a match-three puzzle game that will allow you to play with robot.

big hero 6 bot fight strategy guides ios android

In this game, you will take part in robot fights where all you will have to do is simply to match up similarly-colored puzzle pieces and launch elemental attacks.

This elemental is related to strengths and weaknesses that will adhere to bot on your team and every bot you go up against.
In line with this, you have to learn and exploit these weaknesses in order to smashing your opponents, as well as defending yourself.

Fire is strong against nature, but it is weak against water.
Water is strong against fire, but it is weak against nature.
Nature is strong against water, but it is weak against Fire.
The light and shadow elements will oppose each other.

In order to get experience and evolution parts, make sure to take part in daily and weekly events
To access special events, just tap the glowing portal on the map screen.
Then do these events in which doing this action costs a lot of energy that recharges over time, but they are a good way at earning you experience-rich robots which can level up your team quickly.
You can also battle for bot parts which you can use to evolve your team.

Before going to each battle, you can use allies to fill out gaps in your team.
So if you go up a lot of nature-themed bots but lack a strong fire presence on your team, your allies can be a big help.

Along the game, you have to avid single three-piece matches whenever possible.
So when you act, your enemies will take one step closer to attacking you.
In line with this, just make every move a powerful one by performing as many four and five-piece matches as possible.
Three-piece matches are piddly, and barely dent your opponents.

Every robot in this game will have some skills that you can use during the battle with your opponents
As you fight, your robots’ skill meters fill up.
Then, a robot’s skill can turn a bad fight in your favor, so you must use them often.
Once it is depleted, the skill meter will fill up again.

Note that
Different robots will have different skills
And, some robots come along with defensive skills, and the rests go for offense.
Generally, rarer robots will come to more powerful and useful skills.

On the other side, your starter bots are kind of weak, and they are quickly outclassed before you go too far into the game.
Because of this, do not spend time and effort levelling up your “Common” starter bots
Just level them up as much as is necessary for beating early fights, but make sure not to dump them from your line up once you get your hands on something better.

Meanwhile, this game features prisms as the main currency
After going through some matches, you will earn some prisms
After gathering up them, make sure to save Prisms for drawing a rare robot

Beside prisms, points are also important here
Then in order to earn more points, you can make friends form your allies.
Then, when taking your friends into battle, you will earn more points at the end of a match in that your points can be used to draw for more robots.

During the battle, you have to make some combos in that your combos are the key to your victory
At the same time, you can practice linking matches and scoring combos.
Thus, if you make more matches in a turn, you can deal more damage toward enemies.
Throughout the game, you will be able to taste energy stacks


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