Premium Pack to Get More Candy in Pocket MapleStory iPhone

Nexon has just launched Pocket MapleStory as a brand new mobile game bringing the side-scrolling MMORPG series that you can play on both the ios and android platforms

pocket maplestory basic guides ios

Along the game, you will do any activities from completing quests, battling countless enemies, finding new and rare equipment, to teaming up with other players

Later on, you will also be tasked to level up your hero by battling with enemies in each level
In line with this, you can use auto-battling to earn your hero a lot of exp to level up.

When going for auto battle, you can experience for a few minutes and watch the screen.
There, if your hero`s health is still high you can leave your phone for awhile and let it idle for as long as you want

During your exploration from one stage to another, you can find rewards along the path when walking around and explore manually
Then, if you just want to get to the quest area and complete what you need to do, you can simply teleport from one spot to another.

In line with this, you can simply tap your hero profile picture, then tap over to quests
Afterward, you can then go to the quest of choice and tap Move Now to teleport automatically to where you want to go.

Besides, you must also try to collect more rare and unique items by combining them
Sometimes, you can also try to combine a rare and a normal items to get a unique one
At this point, combining two common items will allow you to get a better common or uncommon or you can get a chance to get a rare one.
In order to get a legendary item, all you will do is to combine a unique one with another unique item.

Every time, you level up your hero, you will get stat points and skill points which will then be distributed to your hero however you see fit.

According to this, you can do the same thing again so that you will know how well it will work since you will get the same results at this time.

Furthermore, you can distribute stats automatically
In the way of increasing your skills, you need more thought and it is based on your choice of job.
Choosing a job will affect your available skills.

In accordance with this, it will take for your hero to make trial and error to build your skills which one may be working best
If you want to redo your job classification, you can use candy that you can get from each accomplished mission given in the game

You can also get more candy by playing this game in daily basis
So, just make sure to check your mailbox any time that may give you rewards if there is the word New next to it.

On the other side, you have to check your inventory after having a long round of idle grinding in auto mode.
There, you will be able to get more stuff to be equipped for your heroes

Also, you can merely hold or sell it to get more currency, in form of candy that you can use to get rare heroes
In addition, you can use is as fodder for fusing equipment that you can equip for your heroes as well.


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