Premium Currency in Adventure Xpress Cheats on iPhone

Adventure Xpress from adult swim is an RPG puzzle with match-3 hybrid where you will be a messenger in a fantasy land full of bandits and deadly monsters, and you have to fight your way through to make sure your letters are delivered in the right time

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When dealing with enemy, make sure to exploit your enemies’ weaknesses
In this match-3 RPGs, you will be introduced with five elements namely fire, water, grass, light, and dark.

Fire beats grass
Grass beats water
Water beats fire
Light and dark beat each other

See enemy’s element by looking at their name plate indicated by a little icon.
Then, you can start matching their weaknesses as much as possible
Make sure to hit an enemy’s weakness as this automatically doubles your damage

Throughout the game, every weapon that you can equip will deliver a stat on it called “Runes to Crit”. This number is the amount of runes that you need to match in one turn so that you can get a critical chance for your next move.

And when you have a critical chance, your total damage for that turn will be doubled for big damage
Your weapon will usually have high attack but also a high amount of runes to crit
Sometimes, they will have low attack but a very low rune crit.
If you are good at setting up big combos, get the low rune crit weapons.

In order to keep your runes safe, try to deny enemy attacks
Along the game, enemies will attack your rune board and they will mark specific runes, and begin to flash at that time.

But when it is left alone for too long, the enemy will attack the runes, locking them and rendering them immobile.
This you have to free them by matching them.

In order to stop an enemy from locking your runes, try to match the affected runes to remove them from the board.

Once going through some stages in this game, you will level up and gain access to powerful magic to help you turn the tides of battle.

Here, you will get the Fire spell as your first spell, which is a simple damage spell.
It is relatively weak, but it charges up very fast though.

And, if you want to charge up a magic spell, try to match runes of the corresponding spell.
So, for the fire spell, just match fire runes

You will also get the next spell to save your life if used in a pinch which is named the grass spell
This spell does weak damage but it stuns to allow you showing a free turn.
Moreover, you are able to spend magic potions to have your spells quickly charged at the beginning of a battle with villains.

Later on, you can get bonus runes by matching four runes, in which you will get one of those horizontal or vertical blasting runes clearing the entire row or column when matched.

Plus, matching five runes will allow you to get the bomb runes that detonates in an area around itself. And, combining these special runes will get you to some really devastating effects, such as a three column or row blast
Thus, you can simply try to match more than three runes if possible

Creating combos moves will deliver a big damage
Furthermore, having big combos will do crazy damage but it is better to take a low rune to crit weapon, so you can get as many critical chances as you can.


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