Power ups to Get Gold Red Rings in Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom iPhone

Sega has launched their newest franchise of Sonic Dash called as Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom on the apple store and android markets

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This game seems to be the direct sequel to the original Sonic Dash, an endless running game.
As usual, your main objective in this game is to run while collecting gold and red star rings then gain score as much as possible

In line with this, you can rack up a ton of points by keeping a score combo going.
Along the way, you will also deal with enemy, narrowly dodge an obstacle, while running over a boost pad or spring, then continue your running to go through a hoop to make score combo higher
If you can make a big combo in that level, you will get a ton of points

Besides, you will also be served with two optional objectives as your mission to complete for collecting red star rings, the premium currency of this game

Later on, after going through some levels in the game, you must upgrade your characters
Every character in the game will have a special score modifier on them.
Sometimes, you may get Sonic to have a distance score bonus points which is based on how far you run in the level

Also, you can play with Amy having an enemy score, where you will get bonus points based on how many enemies you attack in the level.
Thus, upgrading your character will be important as this will increase the bonus points you gain in the level

Anyway, upgrading your characters will need a bunch amount of rings but it will boost your score as a feedback

During on your run, if seeing a path on the left or right lanes that veers off, the path will guide
you to a junction where you can bank your rings safely and switch runners if you want to.

If you see this junction, you can go through it since it will give you a banking bonus which multiplies the amount of rings that you store away.
Besides, you may get a big chance to collect red star rings, the premium currency of this game

In the mean time, you may get to find the spring pads, little blue circles which can make you launch you into the sky when running over them.

Doing that action will give you a little safe boost ahead
And, you may fly to a mini area in the sky.
As you will see that the mini areas will be very helpful since they will give you some rings, orbs, and hoops.
Thus, always search for spring pads and take them to fly to the sky and get a lot of points at ease

On the other side, some power ups will also be needed to help you gain a score point
In line with this, you can use sprites which will help you on your current run.
This kind of power ups will boost more points for your character
Sometimes, some power ups will help you increase the length of your dash, make certain items pop up more often

So, just try to get these power ups to help boost your score that will guide you to get red star rings in the game


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