Pop Free Balloons Cheat in Rick and Morty Presents Jerry`s Game iPhone

Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game is made by adult swim and it seems this game is a simple game where you simply pop balloons, then pop more balloons, as well as purchasing certain upgrades to pop more balloons in exchange for balloons

rick and morty presents jerry`s game full version walkthrough ios android

To play this game is pretty simple as you merely tap the normal balloons when they appear.
Every time you tap regular balloon, it will be worth one balloon to your currency each
Thus, if you save these up, you can start making purchases as soon as you can get them.
But, you have to avoid tapping the skull balloons, because you will lose if you tap it.
And, you will also lose if you let the timer run out by it self so just keep tapping regular balloon when they come up.

In the way of tapping more balloons, you will be given five power ups and you can unlock each one of them for a thousand balloons apiece.
Anyway, it costs a thousand balloons to use one in a single stage
Then, when you activate the power up, it will last for a short amount of time so just use power ups wisely.

Along the game, you will meet different types of balloons, such as the nail bomb balloon
Especially for this balloon, when you pop it, the nails go flying and they pop every balloon underneath it.
Meanwhile, the other ones will have interesting effects, like confetti going everywhere or even a stuffed animal falling out.

On the other side, in order to get free balloons, you can simply watch the free balloon videos as often as possible.
Every time you watch this video, you will earn 200 free balloons.
Thus, just watch the free videos, then go back to watch them within fifteen to twenty minutes later to get them shown up.
In addition, you can also purchase every upgrade for 100,000 balloons.


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