PokeCoins to Get Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO iPhone

Niantic has finally launched their new game entitled Pokémon GO on the android and apple stores
Here, you will need some different items, where you will have to collect Pokécoins for free during in your journey

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Early on the game, you will be given with 100 coins, which you can initially use to get Poké balls.
All you will do here is to get coins for free so you can get more and more Poke balls

Firstly, you may visit Pokéstops such as museums, art galleries, landmarks, parks or zoos where you will get a chance to find coins at the stops, while hunting around to get more items

If you want to get more coins, you will simply have your Pokémon stationed at one of your team’s gyms to defend it.
During there, try to defend up to 10 gyms at one time
And, every one gym you defend will give you 10 coins which will occur every 21 hours.
Afterward, go to the Pokéshop to redeem your reward

Later on, if you have a high enough CP you can position as a gym trainer, so that you can leave a Pokemon there.
Make sure to leave stronger Pokemon to defend the gym
Besides, you can take over a gym in an extremely remote area to make to safe since there are not people going to that area

When being in the gyms, you will get involved in the battle with other Pokemon where you will have to attack and dodge their attack at all cost

In line with this, just try tapping and holding to deliver the special attack once your blue bar under the Pokemon’s health has filled up fully which will cast high damage hit to your rivals

At this point, be sure to check firstly what types of Pokemon you are defending the gym
It is caused by you can pick the best ones to fight against them.
In the mean time, select the Pokemon with the highest CP since they are better when dealing with enemies in the battlefield

Sometimes, you may drain the Prestige of a Gym to control it.
If your prestige reaches zero, it will kick out the defending team and it will turn grey or white which will give you a chance to be the gym’s leader.

On the other side, you may have to get new and rare type of Pokemon
First thing to do is to find and hatch eggs from Pokestops where you must place them in the Incubator from the required distance.

Also, you can get new Pokemon with Berries in which you can use them before throwing your ball
When doing so, make sure to turn off Augmented Reality which will help you capture them easily

Plus, by capturing more Pokemon you will earn XP to raise your trainer level
Moreover, if you can add a specificPokémon to your collection you will get more XP to level up your Pokemon faster than catching one

Getting more XP will also have your Pokemon traveled and checked out anyPokéStops near your location
Doing this will give you some Pokéballs, and you will also get 50 XP every time you visit one and spin the disc there.

Perhaps, in the future updates, both Niantic and Nintendo will hold some special events which give coins as reward
Anyway, you can log on the game regularly to check if a good giveaway is there as the prize.

Moreover, you can visit some Pokéstops to regenerate your storage of items.
You can storage upgrades and bag upgrades there.


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