Play Daily to Get Login Pack and Gems in EZ PZ RPG Android

R2Games with EZ PZ RPG as non-stop action as a unique hybrid will allow you to select a class, then collect groceries, a ton of EXP and loot as well

ezpz rpg walkthrough ios android

Furthermore, you will have to upgrade your character so you can beat on bigger monsters, then go to deeper dungeons for collecting better and rarer loot

To play this game for the first time, you have to learn the classes of the heroes along with its stats relating to each hero
Their classes are Warriors, Hunters, and Mages.

Warriors focuses str and def then they can travel the world using their strength and power to defend the weak ones in protracted battles.
Their weapons are swords and shields
Their main stat is Strength.

Hunter in careful predators relying on accurate and often Crit with stats that are agi and cri
They use bows and arrows as their main weapons
Their main stat is Agility.

Mage is a kind of powerful spellcasters that is traveling the arcane path
Their skills require mana but yield powerful results which focuses in int and mp
They use rods and tomes as their weapons.
Their main stat is Intelligence.

Every hero here has up to 10 skills, and you can equip up to 4 at a time.
You can unleash your skills 1 at a time according to the order you arranged them in.
After all skills are unleashed, you will attack twice normally, then you can continue to use skills. Note that casting skills will require MP, when MP is depleted, your regular attacks will be used instead displaying the skill name but dealing less damage with no Crit chance.

On the other side, during the first 30 days of the server, you will get a new server pack, up to 3 packs per day.
By logging in the game daily, you will get a chance of getting login packs
And, the longer the streak, the more sumptuous the rewards.

Moreover, if you login this game and play it daily, you can earn gems as rewards from 10 Gems
to 40 Gems
In order to get more Gems, you will get them when you first time kill a map’s boss

In this game, the battle will run in automatic then you will get EXP and gear, even when you exit the game.

Also, if you login again, you can boost your hero`s stats and equip new gear.
For further, you will continue to collect EXP for 24 hours while being offline from this game.
And, you will not get more gear when your pack is full.

Then, once your hero is powerful enough, you can challenge the boss of a map to continue moving on to a better map that will come to more gold and cooler loot to gather up.


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