Platinum Cards Credits for New Weapons in Celebrity Street Fight iPhone

MobileX Labs has launched Celebrity Street Fight (ò_ó) – Battle Against Your Favorite Celebrities as a new fighting game that you can play on the ios and android platforms

celebrity street fight walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to fight for fame, credits, and the gold belt
You can get all of them by performing all sorts of special moves, equipment and rage attacks to knock out the boy or girl in each round.

So, you must focus on breaking your rivals down to rise through the ranks of social stardom
You can also get new social media stars, weapons, and moves added every month

To perform your action, you will get a bunch of moves in form of the special attack and the usual moves.
At this point, you can merely hold the punch or kick button to charge up for a power punch or a power kick.

Besides, you will also have a special skill such as the Hadouken maneuver which you can do by holding down, forward, punch or kick
This is like a special karate combo or a special punch combo, that you can use to knock out the enemy at once

In order to land multiple head shots toward the enemies, you can try to back the enemy into a corner
When you have them against a wall, you can punch them at their head for multiple head shots

And, when you are in one, hit up-forward diagonal to jump over them and do a flip.
You can then time your punch or kick right to hit them on the way up or down for a headshot.

Once going through each round by beating few enemies, you will be granted with credits.
You can also get some credits in a fast ay by tapping the free credits button popping up right after the round ends.

There, you will find ad video to play and each time, you watch them, you will get 5,000 credits as a reward.
Thus, just tap the more credits button on the next pop up to watch another video for free credits.
Later on, just do this as many times as you want if you need some credits in this game

Next, if you want to go back and fight for more credits, you will simply run yourself out of lives then go back to the main menu.
At this time, you can pick your same character again to get back to the last checkpoint
Or, you can start with a new character to go to the road to the championship, then you can fight for more credits there.

With enough credits that you have collected through the game, you can now use them to get new weapons
These weapons will really be useful when dealing with tougher enemies as the next battles will get very hard, very quickly, so save your weapons to stay ahead.

In line with this, you can also get a free weapon for free through Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat to hit up your celebrity of choice in exchange for specific weapon.

In addition, your lives will also be important to continue to to the next rounds
If you are about to run out of lives, all you will do is to watch an advertisement video for more lives.


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