Plan Your Steps to Reach Higher Score in Skyward iPhone

Ketchapp has a unique and fresh game, Skyward as endless one-tap-one-step game where you will go through dynamic Escher-style labyrinths to reach your inner peace and gain points score.

skyward walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is merely to tap on the screen at the right time, then make a step when the circle is above the tile while unlocking new patterns to get the highest score and put it on the leaderboard

In early level, you will see the snail tile always show, in that you can simply tap the screen at the right moment as it slows the moving counter right down.
Always stay alert as it can easily break momentum, especially if you tap the tiles into a tapping rhythm.

You can also see lightning bolts, which can speed your counters up and can put you at a disadvantage.
In line with this, keep an eye on the tiles on the board and get your self ready to prepare your step in advance so the tile powers do not catch you off guard.

During in that moment, be sure to pay attention to the rotation tile.
Once it gets touched, the moving counter will stop moving clockwise and it will turn anti-clockwise.

Always look at the pattern and familiarize yourself with your first few steps the you can start your move, in which one counter will shrink and disappear after its done two full circles of the central counter.

To counter this, you can try to hit a sand timer and the moving counter will not shrink or disappear.
Doing this will provide you a time to take a breathe, the you can focus on your next steps.
At the same time, you can use these tiles wisely and think about your next move.

If you come to the far-reach, you will be able to reach further afield with the counters in that it will let you gain further ground as you progress through the course.
keep doing this to improve your best score so that you can unlock new courses and get new special tiles.
You can then add these courses and tiles to your play rotation.

Furthermore, you can aim to cut corners with your counter as much as possible to be added to your step tally so that you can get extra points because the tiles you have missed will be still added to your final score.

Meanwhile, you should learn the different courses and tile movements, then take the time to understand their patterns and appreciate the differences in courses, by using a tile as an elevator or skipping over gaps.

Think about to time your steps when it comes to moving tiles.
In the mean time, it will be better to find a good spot to tap the screen because the game is scattered with ads and it will be easier than you might think to tap one.
This ad will often open with the game still running in the background in which it will result in an instant game over.

For such reasons, you have to find a nice spot that does not obstruct your view so that you can build your score into the highest one.


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