Pizzas Gold Cheats for 3 Stars in Rumble City iPhone

Avalanche Studios launched Rumble City on the apple store few days ago
Anyway, this game can be categorized into a really nice tactical or puzzle game which is set in 1960s American biker culture

rumble city walkthrough ios android

In this story, as the leader of a powerful biker gang, you will be tasked to gather your old gang and reclaim the city, where you will brawl with the other gang in the city.

Here, you will get the troops along with different advantages and types of attack
In line with this, you must know exactly what they can do and how to maximize their use.

To get the best strategy, you can have the first guy to be the Tank as he has more health and he can only do melee damage.
When going to battle with enemies, try not to send him up front
But, just send him to battle when it is really necessary.
It is caused by, it will be the best to just take enemies down from a distance.

Except tanker, you will get The Bottle girl who is the ranged attacker
You can use her from a distance, as she will cause less damage toward enemies.

Besides, having The Whip girl will be really handy when there are holes around
In accordance with this, you can make a strategy to bring the enemies near them and have her drag and drop them for instakills to defeat enemies easily.

Also, be sure to learn what all your troops unique abilities in battles so that you can anticipate their attack that will lead you to get between one and three stars at a time.

On the other side, you will really need Pizzas to do an actions during the game
Sometimes, you will still get your crew injured when getting involved in the battle with enemies. Anyway, you will need pizza to heal them over time
In order to get that pizzas, you can connect this game to Facebook to get some free Pizzas from your friends
With these pizzas, you will be able to heal all your squad members

Meanwhile, to max out stars you can replay the old stages that you have completed previously
Even though, you will not be able to take new crew to battle in old stages, you can still play an old stage in the game
All you will do here is try to perfect everything there until you get the three stars.

In the mean time, you must try to find new approaches to complete the stage with your troops uninjured as this will lead you into a victory

Every time, you get your victory, you will be rewarded with gold that you can use to purchase goods form the store

In addition, learning the effect of various food items will be useful to heal your friends
During in the battlefield, your troops will get injured and you must try to make alive all the time, since you can not resurrect them.

To make them better, you can try to use the food items carefully
By doing so, you will really know the effect each food item that will affect your troops’ health.
Doing this will really be useful to heal your crew in this game


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