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At last, Savy Soda have launched Pixel Starships 8Bit Space Sim Strategy MMO RPG on the App Store
In this game, you will command every aspect of the ship from construction to battles that you can do on the space

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Early on the game, you will get to choose a faction and you will get a different ship design and different characters.

To build your ship, you must focus on resources, Minerals and Gas
With those resources, you can use them to build or upgrade your ship as soon as you have them.

So, you must get a Gas Collector room and the Mineral Storage room
Besides, you will also have to complete the missions on Explorations to get more resources and build up your ship.

In line with this, you can upgrade the Reactor to have more energy during fights, such as Shield and Weapons that will be your top priority.
Thus, just tap each room and see the requirements, then plan your moves ahead a little bit and upgrade them completely before upgrading your ship

Later on, you will be able to recruit extra crew members when you have some extra minerals to spare.
Doing this will help you get the best possible stats for crew members when you unlock new Beds on your ship.

Be sure to focus on getting rare crew, and check out their stats in related to Pilot, Shield, Engine and so on

When you are about to attack enemies, you must consider to destroy their ship’s reactor, since it will have no power and it will no longer fire at you.
For such reasons, you must look at the reactor Room first

During the battle, The Crew in your opponent’s ship will act like an extra shield
So, you must shoot that particular room more to destroy it.
And, you should aim at the opponent’s weapons and take them out, so that they will not shoot at you.

On the other side, look at the number of green bars on each room
If it has more green bars, you will need more shots to destroy that room
And, once the room is destroyed, you can take down the HP of the enemy ship.

At this point, try to destroy the Bedroom or resource storage room and shoot it down until you destroy the ship.

Meanwhile, you must also defend your ship with any mean necessary
When you are out of the game, just leave crew members in the key areas of the ship such as Reactor room, Shield room and Weapons room.
Make sure to have more crew members in the reactor and more in the Weapons room as this will make it difficult for attackers to destroy your Reactor room or take out your weapons

You need to do some repairs when battling with enemies in which you can start a battle with one crew in the reactor and one in the Shield room
If you can manage it well, you can destroy the enemy ship


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