Pixel 8 Strategy Guides to Get The Best Paintings on iPhone

Playing With Giants will bring you to play Pixel 8 on the ios device in which this game is about to complete various paintings by using different colors

pixel 8 walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is recognize color and complete the tasks for three star.
In other words, by playing this game, you can test your dexterity and create a bunch of pixel masterpieces against the clock to get the golden pixel prize.

When playing this game, you can select the first color that you will use while the image is shown on the screen.

Always use two hands when playing this game since there are many paintings to be completed faster.
Those paintings will have mirrored designs, so you can try to re-paint the pattern with two fingers as an easy method.
Doing this with two fingers will save you a lot of time and it will lead you to the master of the game.

In the way of becoming the master of the game, you need to replay the same stage more often
Here, you will need to play through the levels at your own pace

And, if you want to master and put your score on top of the leaderboards, you can play them one at a time

Once you have played in many stages, your fingers will automatically move a lot faster
This is the only way you will get record times to be put on the leaderboards.
So, just keep practicing the game to get high score and new record


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