Pickaxe Cheats in Westbound Pioneer Adventure Android

Kiwi as the developer of Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure has implemented a new city building game simulation specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

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Throughout the game, you can play as a group of pioneers from the olden days, each with accents and dialects in a little bit stereotypical of the time
Here, your main goal is to carve out a space in the canyon and build a great little town around it.

Playing this game will get you to a lot of stuff quite a bit of time to complete
On the other words, all you will have to do in this game is based on the time

However, if you want to mitigate the wait time, you can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet then go back to the game.
Just set it ahead by about double the length of time in order to complete the task.

In accordance with this tricks, sometimes when you do this, the server will not register all of the time that you set it ahead by
For such reasons, you can try to double the length of time to do so.
So, after doing that, be sure to go back to the game
Then, after you collect everything you can set the time back to normal in the date and time menu
As a result, when you go back to the game all will be as it is supposed to be.

When you do not know where to go next, you can simply go to the quests on the left side of the screen and see what you can complete there.
Anyway, completing these quests will typically earn you the most experience and the best rewards
And, these will be good for farming for gold, pickaxes, silver and tonic which are the main resources of this game.

Pickaxe, gold and silver are the currencies of this game
Therefore, if you want to get them for free, all yo will have to is simply to go to the in app purchases store and select the Earn option on the far left, in which blank is to be whatever of the four resources you want to earn.
There, you will get offers pop up and you are prompted to complete them
Every time you can complete them, you will be able to earn free gold, silver, pickaxes or tonic, whichever one you select.

You can get them through Tapjoy, then you can earn even more by going to the Tapjoy website and login then search for Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure game
Afterwards, you should find the offers related to the game

Once being in this phase, you can complete those offers which ask you to download apps.
Performing all of these are free and you earn a ton of resources by completing these offers.


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