Piano City for Diamonds Cheats iPhone

Piano City developed by room 8 can be categorized as a new music game where you will simply play a miniature “piano” to play songs with simple touch control

piano city strategy guides answers

Alongside, you will be assigned to complete missions, and unlock new concert houses and other areas, then you must be keeping pace and getting ahead of rival pianists.

Anyway, you will require energy to play this game
Then, when playing a round of piano, and your energy runs out, you will not be allowed to play it anymore until it comes back on its own.

For such reasons, you can either use diamonds or wait for it to come back fully
Alternatively, in order to get your energy fully regenerated, you can cheat and do the time lapse cheat to make it so.

In line with this, just try to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to how much you need to restore all of it.
At this point, a full restoration from 0 to 80 requires four hours or it whereabouts 240 minutes.

Just do this, then go back to the game so that you will get your energy restored fully on its own.
Afterwards, you can then go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal on your phone.
Now, get back to the game and your free health that you just earned will still be there.

In order to match your taps to the song itself, you can turn on the sound so that you can play songs by ear rather than by eye, because lining up pieces perfectly is like herding cats.

On the other side, you can tap the bottom half of the keys rather than the top half.
Tapping the top half will be easy for fat finger to tap the wrong note
And, tapping the bottom half guarantees far better tapping accuracy.
In order to make it easier to track where your fingers are going, you can try playing on a bigger device such as tablet.

If you have played this game for a while and do not know where to go next, you can go to the quests and start completing them
By completing those quests, you can level up, as well as unlocking new stages, and songs.

Here, you can simply go back and play old stages as often as you want.
Beside completing those quests, you can also complete collections of specific items
Thus, when you are turning in a full collection, you will be able to earn free diamonds or other bonuses that you will really need for going to the next stages.

In addition, through PvP musical challenges, you can share the joy and battle your friends
Later on, you can make some progresses through the map up to the Grand Concert hall while playing classic melodies and modern hits then you can also be the greatest musician of this game.


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