Perfect Throw for Gems Cheats and Trophies QB Hero iPhone

The apple store now has a one-touch game called QB Hero where you will be brought to throw perfect throws to run your team to victory

qb hero walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will simply hit as many wideouts perfectly as you can to get gems, trophies and high score

Early on the game, you can try slowly to slide your finger upward until you are out of the minimum vertical range

When doing so, you will that know you will be out of it when your trajectory line turns from red to white.

In the mean time, letting go at this exact trajectory will make your ball land a couple centimeters in front of the 10 sign.
If you can do this well, you will get consecutive throws.

On the other side, if you manage to land a perfect throw, you will be granted with three bonus gems. Every time, you see the ball is above the runner’s head and slight towards their face, you will get a perfect throw.
So, all you will have to do is to to aim you ball to land right on top of the runner’s head

Before making any throw, just try to wait a second as your runners will run at different speeds
Then, when you runner takes off, you can wait a couple of seconds to see how fast they will move then you can try to throw your ball accordingly.

When trying to make any throw, you can try to chain perfect throws that will get you to have a combo multiplier
Because of this, you will be rewarded with the amount of gems that you get from each perfect throw.
At the same time, you must also try to make a long combo

To master this game, you can play against the clock in Time Trial mode
If you are ready for the next stunt, you can take part in n Challenge mode where you can play with a limited ball

In order to get more gems in this game, you must try completing the challenges
According to this, you can check them by tapping the trophy once you have completed the game
There, you will get each challenge that has a gem reward to it
After having enough gems, you can use them for new footballs and helmets


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