Pearls Cheats in Zen Koi A Tranquil Aquatic Journey iPhone

Playing Zen Koi from LandShark Games will be a nice in which it seems to be a combination between a relaxing fish simulator and breeding game into one pack where you must grow, breed, and collect colorful Koi for collecting pearls, the premium currency of this game.

zen koi walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will start the game being a Koi fish, swimming in a small pond, with eating is all your activity there.

There, you will catch and eat some of little fish in the pond then once you eat a few of them, your Koi will level up and expand the pond.
When doing so, you will need to catch a certain amount of preys and craft them into gems.

Then, when you Koi becomes an adult, you will encounter another Koi fish, opportunity for you to breed some various colorful Koi.
In the mean time, you must also try to stay in the same circle enough time to get some nice egg ready to hatch.

Here, you will also be served a lot of different Koi fish to collect, they are ranging from common types to rare types.
You must also find other Koi and breed to make rare patterned offspring.

Then, you should also progress along a mythological path of expansion, while guiding your Koi toward its final ascension into dragon form.

Alongside, you can also make a cloning that will help you short-circuit the waiting for a koi mate of the desired base or spot color to appear.

It will be especially for the rare colors, as the chance of them appearing in the pond is lower.
At this point, cloning will give your friends the color combination that they are dying to get, and which you already owned.

As said earlier, you must also try to get pearls, the premium currency of this game
In order to get more pearls, there are ways to earn more or do you get them for level ups
You can also earn pearls by ascending the current koi you have into dragons
Or, you can get them by completing Awards, and completing Collections.
Here, you can can also gift koi among your friends to complete collections more quickly

In order to unlock more patterns, after collecting a certain number of koi from one pattern, the mate that comes into the pond may be of the next higher pattern.
Thus, once collecting a few sutato combinations,you may see the next higher pattern koi mate appear in the pond occasionally.
And, the limited edition koi pattern “Orijin” is a special case though that will make all the mates be of the same pattern, as there is no pattern progression of special patterns.

Later on, once collecting a certain number of koi from one pattern, the mate that comes into the pond will be of the next higher pattern.
In line with this, you must try collecting a few more bux combinations in order to see the next higher pattern koi mate.

On the other side, you must also deliver gems to symbol that you can activate from the crafting screen
After activating the symbol from the crafting screen, you will see a little slide out “Expand Pond” panel from the ? button at the lower left of the screen.

At that point, just tap on that panel to get the fish to go straight for the symbol in the pond.
You can try to steer the fish away, in that the “Expand Pond” panel will appear again after a short while.
Then, you can use it to help you find your way to the symbol.


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