Pearls Cheat in Seabeard iPhone

Few days ago, Seabeard from Backflip Studios was still on the way to mobile platforms in that this game now has been launched on ios and android in which it is a building simulation game.

seabear fishing tricks ios android

Along the game, you will be able to rebuild and repopulate an abandoned town as well as exploring nearby islands, completing quests for villagers, and performing other tasks such as fishing and crafting items.
Using the Crafting inventory will be really helpful that will show you which items have finished crafting
And, you can see what ingredients are needed for all of the recipes you currently know and learn.

In related to the crafting, you must build a warehouse after you begin Emilia’s quests whereby these warehouse gives you an extra 35 slots of storage space.
In the way of building that warehouse, you will need 1,800 gold for the blueprint, 4 Stonefish, 4 planks or 12 driftwood, 1 sawdust or 3 driftwood, and 1 purple paint or 2 grapes and 1 blue apple.
You will also need 100 gold for the sawdust recipe and 200 gold for the purple paint recipe.

On the other side, make sure to get the inventory upgraded as soon as possible for 50 pearls.
In this game, you only start with 30 pearls and you will earn 20 more anytime soon.

For further, after building your warehouse, you will be assigned to make money in the early game.
In line with this, you can earn money by catching and selling fish, and completing as many inexpensive quests as possible.
Then, you will be notified that your fish has sold, return and restock.
Besides, you must also concentrate on Golden Pike or the orange fish along with Rubyfish.
Anyways, if you can find Stonefish, just save them for construction projects.
In accordance with this Stonefish, it will usually appear at night, that will get you to bring a lantern.
You will be able to find them on the east side of Seadog Cove, the eastern side of Bullhorn Farm, sometimes the southern edge which is near the dock of Stonecutt Isle, and occasionally on the eastern beach of Larona Village.

Furthermore, you will have to gather up more rewards that will sometimes come from achievements like catching 10 fish, building 2 trader’s homes, etc that will come to coins or pearls.
Also, your food stall will help you make money, in that you simply need to buy the stall and build another trader’s house.
Plus, you will also need to have anything valuable to sell, like learning cooking recipes.
And, if you can win first place when playing in sailing mini-games, you can sell free item for few coins.
Moreover, just focus on Fast Lane and Feeding Frenzy to get more rewards when you can sell at the Fishmonger’s stall.


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