Pearls Cheat in Island Raiders iPhone

Tap4fun is the one that has developed the game, Island Raiders, which is a dynamic combination of war simulation and real time strategy game on mobile platforms.

island raiders basic tutorial walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, you will have to develop your island clan to an impenetrable fortress, recruit legendary heroes, build a powerful army with special items, equipments and skills, make an alliance then explore islands filled with untold treasures that awaits your conquest as well as discovering an immersive game world with a variety of challenging stages

Along the game, your buildings must link roads and the main city and that roads must touch at least one building space on one side, and the main city on the other side.
And, unlinked structures will have normal functions, but HP is only 10% that of the linked structures.

When building more structures, you need to upgrade the Tribal Hall that will unlock more structures. Then, you can choose structures in the editing interface.

Later on, you will have an access to purchase decorations in the Store in which those decorations are purposed to make your houses look nicer.

If you want to upgrade structures, just click them and check the requirements for upgrade on the interface.
During upgrade process, you must have resources, and you have to upgrade other structures to a certain
level then when reaching level 20 in this game, your upgrades need a certain amount of Powerful Screws
In line with this, you can get resources by launching attacks or via industrial production.
Plus, you will be able to get them more through quest rewards.

And, if you want to make equipment, make sure you gather up enough materials then forge equipment in the Forge
In order to get some materials, you will be given some of them when you make decorations in the city
Afterwards, you can click on the treasure chest in the lower right corner to get materials
On the other side, you can also enter a PVP or PVE battle to get randomly dropped materials
Moreover, you can disassemble equipment to get some materials

Furthermore, playing in PVE battles will give you a chance of earning ores and cheese, and you can also win some special equipment when you beat the computer.

Except playing in PVE battle, you will get bonus when you get involved in PVP battles like getting some trophy points.

Anyway, you will also be able to get beer, that you can do when you upgrade your tavern
Also, you will get them more when you upgrade the brewing level of your community

Similar to construction upgrades, you will be in certain conditions which prompt you to upgrade star level or attributes.
For such reasons, your basic attributes must be at a certain level.
Alongside, you must also train hall level as high as possible
Make sure you collect enough resources when you want to upgrade star levels

In addition, this game will also feature pearls as the premium currency that you can either for free through some quest or you can purchase them in the Apple store


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