Pearl Gems Cheats in Mystery Match iPhone

In this match-3 puzzle game developed by Outplay Entertainment will bring you in a mysterious burglary that has left Emma in a bewildered state where she found a piece of a cryptic letter.

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Along the game, you will be able to match the special gems as much as possible
Matching four gems will create beam gems based on whether you match them vertically or horizontally, these special gems will shoot out a beam in the corresponding direction that destroys every gem in that row or column.

On the other side, matching gems in a “L” or “T” formation will create pulse gems that you can use to detonate when matched and destroy all surrounding gems.

And, matching five gems will create pearls where you can combine a pearl with any type of gem that will immediately destroy all gems of that same color across the entire board.
Here, you can also utilize these special gems to provide you a bunch of points

Later on, every level has a certain mission to complete.
Once completing it, any moves you have left over will turn random gems on the board into beam gems.
Doing this will be a great way for earning those extra points in which you need to push you over to the 3 star criteria
Thus, try to fulfill your mission with as many extra moves left.

Before going to the next levels, you have to plan out your moves
Sometimes, you need a certain gem to fall into the right place that you can do by planning ahead and making sure what gems are going to go where.

When coming to the shadow box levels and you need new gems in a certain area, make sure to start working at the bottom of board.
Matching gems at the bottom will cause new gems to drop in from the top, so that you will have more options to work with.

At the beginning of the game, you will get in the earlier levels by just going gem by gem
Later on, you will need to start thinking ahead for the later levels.
At this phase, when you go in the levels where you need to match a certain amount of a specific type of gem, you can try creating the special gems listed above.
Doing this will be more efficient than just trying to make 3-matches at every chance you get.
By placing beam gem carefully, you could potentially end up destroying a bunch of them with one move.

Furthermore, when you step in ten levels or so, you will travel to a new location.
In order to do so though, you should wait 24 hours before the levels unlock by itself.
However, you can speed this process by either spending the premium currency or by asking three of your Facebook friends to help you out.
Anyway, if you have any friends playing this game on facebook, you are able to ask them to unlock the levels instantly


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