Pay What You Want to Mekorama iPhone

If you are a fan of a puzzle game, you may have to play Mekorama, a cute and fun game designed specially for the mobile platforms

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In this game, you will merely guide a little robot to go through tiny dioramas
Here, you will be assigned to help him go for the way out

At the same time, you will get to solve the puzzles which will start relatively easy and get a little more complex once you have walked far into the game

In the way of getting the exit of each stage, you can rotate the world as you like.
Rotating the world several times will clear many levels in the game
When doing so, check each side, which may give you a vision to see a new path which will connect to your little robot location

Level 1 Crash Course Solutions
Climb out of the water
Rotate the world to the left
Drag the circle block over
Cross over to the exit

Level 2 Run of the Mill Solutions
Just rotate the camera to the left
Tap on the grass right at the cave exit
Climb up the stairs to go to the little hallway.
Try standing on the circle block and raise it up
Do the same thing on the second circle block to find the exit.

Level 3 Chunk Error Solution
Go to the red brick house
Rotate the camera until the circle block at the bottom of a long vertical shaft come up.
Get it all the way up, and take it down thereafter.
Just go up the stairs
Go through the cave to end up on the other side another circle block
Cross it and go down the stairs to get the exit.

Level 4 Two Towers Solution
In the “I” shaped circle block formation, drag it across the river to cross to the other side.
Try to cross it and get into the small doorway near the center to get on top of the block formation.
Drag it to the small green island at the side to move over to the other side
Get into the other tower through the bottom doorway by moving the I formation.
Go up the stairs
Move the I formation over
Cross back to the other tower to get the exit

Level 5 Level Up Solution
Circle around and drop the circle block into the water.
Try standing on it and ride it up.
Just take the circle blocks up until getting the exit

Level 6 Spin Out Solution
Rotate the “windmill” at the end of the level to get a path to walk on.
Follow the path until getting the exit.

Level 7 Pagoda Push Hints
Hugh red robot it and turn around to get right in its face
Try to make your way up the pagoda.

Level 8 Double Maze Solution
Take the left circle block down into the water.
Get the path followed to the left side of the maze so that you can see two circle blocks above guiding you into the corner.
Bring down two circle blocks
Then, cross the first block
Afterward, ride the second block up to the grass.
Now, you can go to the other side to locate the two circle blocks with the pipe in between them.
From right here, you can take away the furthest one from the exit down into the water.
Doing so will make three blocks away from the exit become another circle block that you can use to access the way out.
Drop that, then take it up to get to the exit

How to solve Level 9 Temple of Athena
When seeing the four wheels in the middle of the temple, you can try rotating them
Every single wheel there comes along with three circle blocks on it which you set to make a clear path so that you can cross into the exit.

Level 10 Deep Dive Clues
In this level, you will need to go deep into the water that you can do by using the circle blocks as elevators.
By doing so, you can now walk to a circle elevator, which you can reach it by moving the circle blocks up and down at a time.
At this point, you can get all the way to the bottom, and go back up with the circle blocks on the other side which will guide you to get the exit.


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