Pastries Bucks Cheats in Meter Maid City iPhone

Pocket Gems Publishing has a good game in Meter Maid City in which it is an oddball new game where you are able to take a role as a rookie parking meter cop

meter maid city strategy guides ios android

In this game, your main goal is to learn the tricks and tools of the trade as well as making a lot of money for the city.
Throughout the game, you will be able to pick up new tools for the trade like boots and meter time tints
At the same time, you can do the trick out your scooter until it is going as fast possible

During on your job, make sure to focus on a car, and what color do they appear
And, you can check the color later whether they are white or yellow
If they are white, you will still need time.
If they they yellow, it means that 15 minutes have gone by.
Once they turn red, it means that 30 minutes have gone by.
At this point, always concentrate on their colors only.

On the other side, you will be allowed to catch a serial parking offender by sticking a boot on their car.
When doing so, you can use the DMV database to track them and their car will be outlined in orange.
At first, just stick a boot on them, then call the tow truck and get out of the way so that they can tow them.

However, before doing such action, you will have a chance to access some ways to make it a whole lot more lucrative to catch a serial parking offender.
Here, you can go to the endless levels and ticket to get out of them
Using spoiler alert: tickets will remain unpaid.
According to this, just go to a timed shift which is a difficult one, as these will get you to have a lucrative offender.
Afterwards, just try to catch them, boot them while using the EMP bomb or the invisibility cloak to get them
In the mean time, make sure to call the tow truck and make all kinds of money from all you have planned before.

For further steps, make sure to upgrade your scooter so that you will not only get away from the cops after you crash too much, but you can beat the cops in the bonus races.
During in the actual racing, you can beat the cops by taking the corners as tightly as possible.
And, whenever you are in a turn, there are blank parking spaces, so just take the turn in the parking space area as tight as possible.

In addition, make sure to place your routes so that you will be able to spend as much time in between buildings as possible in which it is to double the parking spaces to ticket.
Focus on the timed spaces more than the color coded meters
It is caused by, these will pay more that will double the pay for 15 minute meters and even quadruple the pay for 40 minute meters.


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