Oceanhorn 2 Goes to iOS Soon

From those who like playing Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas game, you may be happy that the next series of this game will continue to the next series called as Oceanhorn 2 Knights of The Lost Realm

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The developer, Cornfox & Bros will build Oceanhorn 2 based upon the same elements made the colour JRPG utterly unforgettable where you will be brought to explore a colorful world, a deep backstory with secrets and twists, amazing music
This also brings a classic Action RPG gameplay along with items, puzzles, battles, and bosses to deal with

Similar to previous series, this next series will still focus on swordplay and puzzles
And, a new weapon like the Caster, a gun that can shoot magical projectiles will be introduced here
With this gun, you can cast spells and lure enemies as they see fit.

Along with all statements above, this game also offers a dramatic shift from the isometric perspective of the original to a true third-person camera
It means that, this element will also prove to be a major evolution for the Action RPG series.

Thus, if you have the previous series of Oceanhorn on your phone, you may have to play this game which will be available on the apple store and android markets in the next few days


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