Nos Cones Cheat in Dubai Drift iPhone

Zerofour Games launched Dubai Drift, car sport game into iOS and Android where your main goal is to screw around in each track.

dubai drift walkthrough ios android

During your show, you can collect cones, but you will have to select a bunch of real life cars with unconvincing fake names like the SupraFLY, Venom, Black Panther, The Boxer, Godzilla, Lion King, Bushanab, etc
With that car, you can show off you skill to drift around and compete with other players around the world for cones.

Before going to the track, you will firstly pick from plenty of vehicles, and each of them has a different set of attributes like speed, handling, traction, etc.
But, none of them actually tell you what the attributes are
It means the you will be obliged to experiment and figure it out by yourself.
Here, you can try to play in the single player mode first in which it will also earn you experience.

In related to the control options, just go to the options menu that allows you to swap out the steering wheel for a joystick, change the sensitivity, or even automate the acceleration
Anyways, it will be better to take care of the accelerating yourself as there are times when you will not want to be on the pedal at all times.
And, if you run into a wall, you will be able to escape by hitting the brake pedal to reverse out of it.

In order to get free experience points for more, just hit the watch and earn button then you can also destroy stuff in the stage such as airport lights and snowmen
Moreover, you can knock the snowman’s hat off without actually hurting the snowman itself, in which it is to let a falcon land on the hood of your car, and to crawl up the sand dunes in the off roading stage.
It will also be better if you get the shorter dune crawl.

On the other side, this game will dare you to unlock and get new more cars that you can do by earning more experience, or by ranking up in the standings.
In line with this, when you have played in the online drift round, just stay in the game while everybody else leaves, then you can rack up cones while you are the only one in the stage.
Make sure to keep doing this to to gain more experience and to rank up your position.

In addition, if you want to have better experience in playing this game, you can try to adjust the camera angle by hitting the camera button at the top of the screen midgame.
You can set camera angle in the original one as it automatically points to the cone
But, the main of this game is to do other tricks instead, so just practice more for your drifting skill.


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