Nitrus Cheats in Nitropia War Commanders iPhone

Bulkypix offers is a tower defense game that pits you in charge of an elite team known as the Alliance Command in their newest game, entitled Nitropia War Commanders.

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Later on, you have to upgrade your towers and send your Rigs into the battle as you prepare to fend off the dark forces that threaten Earth
In the mean time, make sure to watch out your command center to collect Nitrus as the main currency of this game
Nitrus here will spawn over your commander center every 5 or so seconds.

You can use Nitrus to upgrade your rigs, so make sure to collect them as much as possible
In line with this, you can get into the habit of glancing at your command center every now then just to check your nitrus.

For further, just upgrade your rigs to keep them in combat ready shape
Your rigs here will come to three categories that you can upgrade for defense and attack.

Defense will improve their movement speed and armor rating
Meanwhile, attack will improve their damage and reload speed.

In accordance with this, each rig has a different field effect, and upgrading them will improve their ability and shorten their cooldown time.

Once having some progresses through the game, you will have to level up your officers by bringing them into battle
You can level up them by participating in a battle.
Here, every officer has their own personal field effect much like the rigs, and they are all useful.
For example, Nika is the one with a heal power and you can use this to heal up any tower or rig.
When an officer comes in level 10, they will be able to learn a new skill.

Later on, you can try to place your rigs so that they will engage the enemies within range of one of your towers.

Placing them will be the most effective way to bring down a wave quickly and efficiently.
If you have war centers, you will have additional units, which means more firepower.
Also, you can use the global movement command to move all of your ground units, excluding your rig, to one location.
Doing so will really help if you have Arkosen as one of your officers
Having him will be useful, as his field effect ability makes all ground units move to a specified location at a super fast speed.

In addition, you can have Repair and Time Gate abilities.
Repair can work just like Nika’s field effect, that can regenerate the health of a unit or tower.
Meanwhile, Time gate can slow all enemies down in a targeted area.
Having these abilities will be useful but they should only be used in an emergency as they will need more nitrus to use.
Thus, just use these abilities wisely since they require your nitrus


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