Nitro Bills for Asphalt Overdrive Cheats on Android

Gameloft has now launched their new series of the Asphalt franchises on the road which is named Asphalt Overdrive Playnow for Free
This game brings the series into endless runner territory for the first time.

asphalt overdrive strategy guide android iphone

Anyway, playing this game will be fun because of plenty of mission based runs, which are like a 1980s Miami vibe reminiscent of GTA Vice City
At this point, all kinds of missions will get you to run from the cops and accomplish a whole host of other tasks.

At the beginning of the game, as you make it past the first few stages, the game will start from easy to hard pretty quick.

Similar to any other racing games, some upgrades in this game will be the key to keeping pace with the stages, so you can use the bills that you earn to purchase enough upgrades to stay ahead of the cops.

However, if you get on a stage, you can go back to old stages and play them again
Doing this will earn you three stars on them and you can also earn more coins.

After joining some races, you will get some bills that you can use to upgrade your car
But, it will be better to save your bills and instead purchase a better car and upgrades for the current car.

As an illustration, when you are being in tier 1, just save up for a GMC K10 truck, because it has twice the power of any of the three cars.
At the same time, just keep an eye on prices especially as the upgrade prices continue to go up.

Remember to always join the event leagues, in which this will give you a chance of earning some of the best gold and bills rewards.

And, when one event ends, join up with another one again so that if you take part in more leagues, you will move up and unlock more and more difficult leagues along with a bunch of rewards.

On the other side, joining a gang will come to numerous benefits.
Here, you will not get to do gang-specific events and missions, but you will have your energy restored more quickly after you lose it.

And you can always leave a gang whenever you want and join another one, or you can even try to form your own gang.

When dealing with tough stages, make sure to use boosts like the full nitro, that gives you an instantly-available speed boost.

Be sure to collect the blue nitro bottles in the stage itself to build up your nitro meter
Then, when it is full and pink, just double tap the screen to use it.

Meanwhile, other boosts will include invincibility for five seconds on use, or the combo extender, that will allow you to keep a combo going.

In order to keep a combo going and score maximum points, all you will have to do is to sideswipe everyone that you pass.

At this point, you simply swipe left or right to execute a barrel roll with every jump that you go off.
In addition, scoring points will get you to earn three stars.


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