Ninja Pearl E Set To Summon Naruto Sippuden Ninja Blazing iPhone

Bandai Namco has launched Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing as a tactical turn based RPG featuring your favorite heroes from Naruto comics series which is now available on the ios and android platforms

naruto shippuden ninja blazing walkthrough ios android

Every hero here can attack in a ring around them, and if you move your hero near each other you will get combo attacks unleashed automatically toward enemies

When fighting against enemies, make sure to pay attention to the attack timers below enemies.
Besides, you must also consider to watch your positioning
It is caused by you will get attacked by three enemies with combo.

And, if you see an enemy to attack, just wait in your current spot
Just let them come to you, and stay away from other enemies, which will help you not to get combo attacked from them.

In the mean time, just position yourself near allies in which this will create your own combo attack to be unleashed toward enemies

every hero here comes along with specific Field Skills
This skill can be activated when your hero link with each other.
Make sure to use of them to get the upper hand in battle
When using it, before committing to attack them, just read the floating text over your hero and enemies.

On the other side, every time you can beat all enemies in each stage, you will be rewarded with ninja pearl, the premium currency of this game

With that currency, you can summon your heroes
To summon them you can also use 100 or 1000 friend points for the Friend Summon.
The Running Start summon will come to be 5 star heroes
And, the Friend Summon will go up to 3 stars.

In order to get this right, you can firstly add as many friends as you can and use ally players on your friends list to get more FP, as well as being summoned by them.

Along with your friends, you can make party where you can play this game online
When being in multiplayer mode, just play and do all normal rules apply
And, try to make combo attacks toward your rivals
If you can get victory when fighting against the other players online, you will get ninja pearls for free

Always consider to learn about the elemental affinities, where you can maximize your damage output and minimize the damage you get from enemies
Just balance your team with the right heroes when participating in multiplayer mode


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