New Ways to Collect Gold Crystals in Final Friday iPhone

Final Friday The Halloween Clicker from ClapClap Media is a new clicker RPG for the ios users
In this game, you will be assigned to make a good progress from one level to another by tapping to eliminate enemies with your gun and some spells

final friday walkthrough ios android

After going through good progress, you will get more upgrades which will help you eliminate tougher bosses.

Besides, you will also have to collect crystals and gold, level up your abilities then upgrade your weapon and spells.

Every time, your character comes to level up, you will be granted with one stat point which you can use to upgrade the intelligence and dexterity
With dexterity upgrades, you can then cast critical hits toward enemies, and if you have each successive upgrade, it will increase their frequency.

During in the battlefield, always try to cast your spells in which they will automatically be enabled once you have performed your first tap on an enemy

In other words, if you want to put the game in semi-auto battle mode, make sure to do one tap then let the spells play the magic
Besides, you will need to keep tapping if you want to avoid damage form enemy

Furthermore, you will be able to move onto the next level then fight the boss any time you want to.
At this point, all you will do is to go to the next level and perform a few attacks until casting a spell.
If you see that the spell give much damage to the boss, you must upgrade it
On the other side, you can switch spells, while going back to the older level to farm for coins which you can use to do some upgrades

To get more coins, you can also watch promotional video
By watching that ad videos, you will also be able to get more coins, gems, some sort of an amulet, or a temporary boost.

For further, if you want to get more bonuses, just lose when dealing with the next boss so that you will be directed to watch the ad videos coming along with some bonuses.

After beating a boss, you can collect a bonus which is in form of crystals, gold and other items
Meanwhile, you can also get bonuses from the treasure you are opening


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