New Ingredients Recipe Cheats in Walk A Funghi iPhone

BeeworksGames tells you a story that there is an island with a forest, where funghi population lives and they pick up ingredients to make their own food.

walk a funghi pv walkthrough ios android

But, they seem to be bored and decide to go on a little walk to find a new recipe
They at last found a beautiful stone with a secret hidden inside
So, it is the time to go for a little walk to find new recipes and the secret of the beautiful stone.

You must grow them by feeding them so that they can level up into higher level
At the same time, they will also pick up more ingredients.
And, when they get their favorite Food, they will gain bonus experience.

In the way of getting some ingredients, funghi will only get ingredients matching with their Type and buckets can pick up all Types of ingredients.
Always try to level up a funghi or Lure a new funghi, in order to pick up the ingredient that you need.

On the other side, you can guide funghi go out walking with lunch box that will carry their Food in which a Lunch Box will extend the time they go out on a walk.
Thus, if they can go out for a walk any longer, they will have a better chance to get more ingredients
Food with better Filling stat will extend the walking duration more and just tap on Back to cancel the Lunch Box

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to complete a quest that will tell you a description on what funghi wants to do and what needs to be done.

Every quest you have accomplished will earn you reward for new recipe and new walk locations
So just tap on the quest title to see the details.
At this phase, you can also see previous “Prologue” and “Epilogue” by tapping on each button there.


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