Neo Crystals Cheats in Sky Punks iPhone

Rovio Stars has now come out with a new product named as Sky Punks, where will be assigned to control a rider racing on a glidewing.
As said in the previous review on this site, this game is a kind of an endless runner with a cutesy twist

sky punks guide apple watch

Early on this game, it will highly be recommended to learn to use riders as each of them has a passive ability that differentiates them from the other riders.

Before going into a level, you will see a window telling your objectives where you will be suggested to use the recommended rider.
Here, you can use Suma, who has a passive score multiplier to reach a certain score.
Also, she also receives score multiplier power ups during the level.

Every time you play this game, you will see that each level has three stars to get.
If you can complete each objective, you will get more stars, and you can also go to reach a certain score, and a certain distance.

Anyway, every time you get stars, you will level up fast.
At the main menu, you can see stars next to your level.
Every star you earn from levels will go towards filling the star meter
Next, when it is full, you will level up.
For such reasons, make sure to get all the stars that will help you level up quickly

Once getting the 3rd star mark, you will be able to enter bonus mode
There, you will see a random supply of power ups flying ahead of you, and they are scattering all over the track.
You will be able to get these bonus power ups including the temporary power ups and neo crystals, which are the premium currency of this game

Later on, you can use your temporary power ups such as free offensive one and boost power up at the beginning of each level.
Then, you can find them more as you go through the course.

On the other side, hitting an opponent with the offensive power up will cause them to wipe out and respawn a couple paces behind you, in that it will also provide you the extra space.

You can also try to use the boost power up, since they are useful for pulling ahead of opponents
To get this is to hit one opponent with your offensive power up then you can use your boost to get ahead of the one you did not hit.
Using the offensive shot and boost power ups will save your glidewings from crashing into an object

Furthermore, once getting through some stages, you will be rewarded with coins and crystals
With these neo crystals, you can use them to purchase additional glidewings.
Also, you can unlock glidewings by leveling up to a certain level.
Once getting them, you must upgrade them by spending a few coins on them.
At this point, you must upgrade your new glidewings as the new ones will give better stats


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