Nearmiss to Get Points Cash in Traffic Nation Speed Drivers Android

Again, a new street racing car game has come to the android market to download and play on your mobile
This game is called Traffic Nation Street Drivers where you will can race through traffic in brand new endless racing game with realistic physics

traffic nation street drivers walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to get reputation and money, purchase better cars, rims, vinyls and to be customized into your favorite cars such as a camaro, chevy and more

When having a race in this ultimately experience endless racing game, you must try to avoid cops with any mean necessary to get extra bonus and become a legend in this game
Once going through in some races, you must do some upgrades such as engine, transmission, brakes, nitro

In this game, you will be able to play this game in 3 control modes such as wheel, gyroscope and buttons.
You can select any mode in the settings menu as you like.

During in the race track, always watch your progress when going in the race such as distance, score and car health

And, when being at the oncoming lane and your speed is over 60 mph, indicated by the score is highlighted in red, you will be granted with extra points and cash in automatic.

When you are about to take over near cars, you can get closer to other cars but do not touch them
In the mean time, you will also get Nearmiss to get some extra points and cash
Sometimes, some near misses in a row will grant you combos
then, you can speed up your car by using nitro

On the other side, if you see the road turning after the fifth kilometer, The turns will come up with with the distance

You can rev up your engine to drive in the oncoming lane that will increase points much faster
Always, check the fuel as it is limited during the race in which if you are bout to run out the fuel, you can pick fuel cans scattered on the track

When racing on the street, always pay attention to cars in front of yours and always consider to use the break pedal, located both on the left and on the right when your car is about to collide with other cars on the track.

Money or cash is the premium currency of this game
Meanwhile, playing in some missions, in form of green, yellow and red level will give you a bunch of rewards such as nitro, points and cash

After having more cash, be sure to use it to upgrade such as having nos built in the engine to get more maximum speed.
Later on, you will also have to complete all tasks to get star missions in the game.


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