More Star Coins Cheats in Tap Heroes iPhone

Tap Heroes Idle RPG Action is a new tap-happy RPG adventure for mobile platforms where you will simply tap your way through forests, deserts, caves, jungles, swamps to beat tougher opponents and creatures standing in your way.

tap heroes idle rpg walkthrough ios android

Here, your mighty warrior can attack enemies in a quick time and you can also use healing magic to heal your wounds with your healing mage.

On the other side, your skilled rogue will shoot poisonous arrows that damage your enemies over time and it can also slow arrows to hinder their advance.

To go for further, you will have to upgrade the powers that can cause your taps to become worth more.
You should upgrade your heroes to do thing automatically, and they will help their passive numbers.

Improving your warrior’s attack and speed will increase the attack power per attack and with the speed to you can increase attack in a quick time.

In the mean time, you must also increase the health which can make your warrior take more hits and your critical to increase the frequency of the critical hits in that 1 percent is added to the chance of it for each level added.

This game also features gold and gems as the main currency
Early on this game, you will be given with gems.

Later on, you can start off with the Warrior, and purchase the Mage for 1 gem and the Rogue for two gems.
In line with this, the Mage will cast healing spells on you every couple seconds
And, the Rogue will shoot poison arrows that can stun the enemy for stopping their attack.
Setting the poison will take damage as well, every second and a half or so.

In this game, you will be able to get some coins for free that you can use to upgrade your skills
For such reasons, you can go to a regular level, then get your heroes upgraded to a half decent level, so that your heroes can kill enemy after enemy at ease.
Keep doing this trick to get a bunch of coins for free.

When going to a boss level, they will extremely be hard to kill whereby you have to focus more on the healing taps unless you have a highly leveled-up Mage
According to this, the bosses will take almost all of your health with just one attack.
Thus, take it slowly, then go to the next stage as soon as you defeat the boss.
Sometimes, beating the boss will not pay nearly enough coins
But, if you can beat them for the first time, you will be awarded with gold and gems.

In addition, your powers except your attack, critical and heal will allow you to have a specific advantage for one minute at a time.
If you can unlock one, it will belong to you and you can use for free after the cooldown time is done.
Then, once getting more and more powers, you can use them especially against boss heroes and the most difficult enemies that will give you a ton of coins and gems or diamonds.


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