More Spins Shares to Earn Gold in Diner Dynasty iPhone

Diner Dynasty by Prodigy Design can be said as a new clicker game with a restaurant-themed focus which is specially designed for the iOS and Android mobiles

diner dynasty walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to use various types of purchases consisting of more food to cook in the restaurant
By doing so, you will get all kinds of money which will be automatically made as your income

In this game, you start with your own kitchen, where you will merely make and sell breakfasts, pizzas, and ice cream sundaes.

Later on, you will then sell meals and make money form it.
To get more money, just keep tapping to sell more.
Once collecting enough money, you can purchase your own diner, food trucks, 5 star restaurants and more

Similar to any clicker games out there, you can get a bonus multiplier by spinning the multiplier wheel.
In line with this, just go to the wheel icon to get a spin from a 2x, 3x, to 4x multiplier.
You will also get free spins by watching the ad video
Make sure you do this with the Internet connection.

For further, you make some cash and get your shares in the restaurant for a permanent multiplier bonus.
So, just wait for awhile to build up a good number of potential shares.

Once earning more and more shares, you can use them to get new bonuses.
At this point, every share will be worth 3% added income
Thus, you must have enough leftover shares to make it worth after doing so
Note that never blow all of your shares on the 600% bonus, or you will lose all of your shares

After reaching a specific amount of money, make sure to upgrade to a new restaurant such as upgrading the Personal Kitchen to the Snack Shack so that you can make many various sorts of new food.

As usual, this game will feature gold bars as the premium currency which you can get for free at the beginning of the game
With that amount, you have to save up 10 gold to get a free bonus profit multiplier of 3 times on top of all the multipliers which you earn from the wheel.
Also, get more bonuses you can gain from other gold expenditures during in the gameplay.


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