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Stormblades from Kiloo will take you to test your true skill where you have to dodge the Keepers’ attacks and spells while unleashing powerful counter-attacks and shatter your enemies’ armor to beat them for relics as as a token of your conquest and the main currency of this game.

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In this game, you will take a role as a warrior determined to test your might against the fabled Keepers then explore the land journey through the ruins in hopes of discovering the truth.

When dealing with enemies in the battlefield, it will be important to counter enemy attacks
Every time you beat them, you will earn more points.
To get more points, just slash away at enemies even if they are not in the vulnerable state.
Also, you can chip away at their health and any armor they might have, so that it will give you bigger damage opportunities when you do get a counter in.

Always predict the enemies strikes, in which you can see which direction they are going to swing in
Here, successive counters will leave the enemy in the vulnerable state.
When dealing with the, just start swiping in the direction that they will swing rapidly
It is caused by, you do not really need spot-on timing to deflect the blow.
And, all you will do is to attack in the same direction because the enemy’s attack will come out in order to counter it

You can also perform power strikes that you can do by swinging your sword from top to bottom
In line with this, you will see 3 blue arrows pointing downward, telling you to down a downward strike.
Here, striking in any other direction will cause the chance to go away
Sometimes, power strike chances will show up at seemingly random times.
To solve this, whenever the enemy enters the vulnerable state, be sure to do downward swings.
You will have power strike chance come up when enemies do charged attacks, so do not rely on it at all.

Once completing certain levels, you will earn free weapons which are powerful enough to last you for the next couple levels.
With the stronger weapons from the shop, they are exponentially stronger and usually have Brutality and Critical abilities on them.
Later on, you will also unlock weapons along with new abilities on them, such as the reflect ability.

On the other side, you will also have to get high score that is calculated after each fight determined by time, flawless and health bonus

In related to the time, each kill will be a good, amazing, or perfect kill.
So if you kill your opponent faster, you will get more points score.

Flawless means if you kill your opponent without taking a single hit, you will gain an automatic 100 points.

And, Health bonus only applies to the boss level.
By defeating them, you will be rewarded with additional points based on how much health you have leftover after defeating the boss.

In addition, in order to get better weapons and relics, you can replay in earlier levels
Every time you beat the levels, you will earn up to 3 relics per level.
If you have high score, you will be rewarded with more relics.
At this point, be sure to get high scores that will come to the time bonus.
Also, you can try to score all three relics on your first playthrough of a level.
Then, once getting better weapons, just go back to the easier one to score high for a bunch of relics.


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