More Hints to Get Three Stars in Pipe Lines Hexa iPhone

BitMango has a new tactical puzzle game called as Pipe Lines: Hexa that is specifically designed for the iOS and Android platforms.

pipe lines hexa walkthrough ios android

If you like playing the puzzle games with the lovely colors, Pipe Lines Hexa will be a good reference to play on the go

In this game, all you will do is to connect pipes of the same color and take up all of the spaces on the board, in as few moves as possible to gain 3 stars on each level
Note that the pipes can be cut off by other pipe

Here, you will be given with many moves that you can use to beat the level
Anyway, if a move ends up not working, you can try to tap on the pipe you are making to take the move back and start over again with those pipes.

On the other side, if you cannot get three stars on the level, you can go back to the stage immediately and put the same pattern down but with less moves
For such reasons, you will easily win the stage with three stars as your achievements.
Later on, you can do this for any stage that you want for gaining three stars on each level.

Sometimes, you may stuck toward your move for the next level
In line with this, you can solve this with hints that will give you an answer to what to do next.

Here, you can get a pseudo-hint if you play a stage and you just let the game sit there
At this point, two of the pipes on the screen will flash, in which this is the way you will get a hint to make those pipes merge.

Otherwise, start with the pipes that are the shortest distance from each other and then work up to the longest pipes.

If you set your phone to grayscale mode, you can go to the options menu to turn on the colorblind mode.
Doing this will place letters inside all of the pipe ends, so that you can connect A with A, B with B, soon.

Later on, you will have to beat the stage with bigger boards.
In line with this, you can always go back to any stage that you cannot beat then try out different ways to win it.

Each method you use will give you a chance to get 3 stars on that level
But, make sure to use your moves wisely to get new record and 3 stars in all levels


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