More Hints Cheats in Patchmania All Levels Pack iPhone

In this game, Patchmania A Puzzle About Bunny Revenge, a simplistic yet challenging puzzle game, you will be tasked to help Calvin and his bunny friends eat all the crops through Farmer Lester’s farm and drive him out of your home.

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Along the game, you will only be given with few lives to continue your actions
Early on this game, you will have to commit to a route that does not get you all the crops.
Then, if you set up path that does not end up working, try to tap back to reset you route.
In line with this, if you end up connecting the path to the rabbit hole, that rabbit will automatically start going for the path.
At this point, be sure not to commit to a path and waif until a route gets all the crops

Later on, the bunny’s route can start from any patch of crops until you actually hit your first crop that your next move must be another crop
For such reasons, if you have any difficulty of making one route work, you have to try approaching the crops from a different angle.

Just make sure to help the bunnies eat all crops to get 3 stars
To make it happen, just plan out your route well, and take as long as you want and back up your steps as much as you want.
Do not go rush to do anything here

When eating all crops in the farm, be sure to stay alert of the mushrooms
In related to these mushrooms, the regular ones in form of white, but they can be included in any bunny’s path, which will then make the mushroom match the bunny’s color.
When seeing this, do not use too many of them with one bunny, whereby you will also have to clear all of them out in order to get 3 stars.
And, if there are too many for one bunny, the other bunny cannot eat all their crops.

Furthermore, this game will really need hints to complete the levels in a quick time
In accordance with this, you will be given with three hints at early on the game.
Here, if you use a hint, it will automatically draw out a part of the correct path for you.
So, only use them whenever you are stumped, as the first three hints are the only ones you will ever get.
Once using all of three hints, you will get the other ones by purchasing them through iap store.


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