More Gold to Get New Items in Soda Dungeon iPhone

Soda Dungeon from Armor Games can be categorized into a new dungeon-crawler game that you can play on the ios device recently and this game may come to android platform in the next updates

soda dungeon walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide and manage your team of adventurers to raid the local dungeon for treasure in form of gold and any valuable items
Later on, you will have to upgrade your tavern, get new sodas, and attract new party members.

Gold here is a kind of the premium currency that you can use to get new items such as Relic Level, Max Banker, Drink Zero, Fury X-treme, Pet Stables, Max Casks, Max Kitchen, Regal Cola and Max Decor in the game

Early on the game, you will start off with just one or two ruffians to hire for free.
Once making good progress, you will then be able to get better warriors
If you have them, be sure to equip them with the best equipment.

Also, upgrade your shopkeeper one time to give you better weapons and armor available.
After getting it, you can equip it on any hired gun
Then, after the dungeon crawl is over, just get it back and use it again.

In related to the upgrades stuff, you must get all of the soda upgrades
In line with this, the tavern upgrades will increase the quantity of the warriors showing up
And, the soda upgrades will increase the quality of the warriors showing up.

Sometimes, you may deal with a boss, where you will be guided with a choice of doors to access a different floor of the dungeon.
If you can complete each dungeon in each door, you will get a chance to collect gold
Thus, just select a lucky pick to get a bunch of free gold

You can also set the game in auto-equip so that anybody you hire will get the best equipment instantly.
If you hire the strongest warriors, and get the weakest ones last.
And, if you want them to be strong respectively, you can hire the weakest first and the strongest last.

If you have enough gold, you have to get healing and boost items from the shop keeper to counteract the poisons which enemies use against you in the game.

Note that each time they use their attacks, your round will end up fast
For such reasons, you must have a stash of healing items to to heal your warriors instantly


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