More Gold for Better Bundle in Pocket Politics iPhone

Pocket Politics from Kongregate can be categorized into a new politics themed idle clicker game which you can play both on the ios and android devices

pocket politics walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to rise up money to be president
With more money, you will have a chance to keep you winning elections more and more again.

Gold is the premium currency of this game where you can get in any other way
In line with this, you can find them through the Lobbies as this is your main income
To get through this, try to find the right balance between unlocking new Lobbies and ranking them up.

At this point, you can try and unlock more of them
Besides, you can ignore the ones which are too difficult to upgrade since they will need more time to complete Upgrading them will reward you with a bunch of stuff including gold

Thus, make sure to rank them up as each rank will get you to make a lot more money.
In related to the candidate, you want to spend a lot of time in the game tapping
According to this, always check out his screen regularly to trigger the elections after collecting enough money for that.

Along the game, tapping the screen will increase the amount collected for the elections much more quickly

The main point in this game is to have more upgrades, which will really help you progress through the game at ease

For such reasons, just purchase them once you have got a chance to unlock them as they will give you more money and bonus as well

Early on the game, you can get the flat sum tap bonus first in which it will increase the percentage of the gold

On the other side, you will also have to unlock a different order, whereby all of them should be purchased in the order they are unlocked at.

In order to get more gold, you can apply the time lapse cheat where you can merely log out the game
Then, go to device’s settings, set the time forward by 4 hours or more.
Afterward, go back to the game to get money gold
With all of gold you have earned through the game, you can speed up your trip to be the president in the game


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