More Gems Coins to Unlock New Room in Pirate Empire iPhone

Pirate Empire from R2Games can be included into Adventure RPG made in 3D graphics that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

pirate empire walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to build and manage your own ship and its various rooms, hire and manage a crew, then get involved into the ship battles against other players online for collecting gems, the premium currency of this game

In order to unlock new rooms in your ship, you will firstly gain levels for your pirate.
When having available space in the cabin, just build it based on what they do
Be sure to build it based on what your weak stats are in battle.

Sometimes, having specific rooms will increase your attack, HP, defense, acceleration, etc.
Moreover, you must also hire more new crew members.

After everything is ready, you can go to battle with enemies to gather up some coins and gems
With these currencies, you will be able to upgrade all rooms and crew individually

In accordance with this, your maximum level for both rooms and crew will be equal to your recent player level.

At this point, your crew members will require books to upgrade
For such reasons, if you really want to get more books, just buy them more, or you can go into battle to get them in the campaign mode.

Every time, you can complete an old stage, you can go back with the blitz tickets to do so.
At this point, just blitz the last level that you have beaten or pick the boss level that will only provide you the tokens you need

Later on, you can then blitz it as many times as you can.
Once having more blitz tickets, you can use them to increase your player level at fast

When you are about to attack other players, be sure to select your arean opponent based around their level.

Note that if their level is lower than yours, you will win the battle at ease
And, when you see your opponents in the same or lower level, you will have a tougher battle to win
If your rivals with high level neglect their rooms and their crew, you can also win the battle easily.

In addition, this game will give you more rewards including coins and gems
To get such currencies for free, just tap the elite quests to access some extra big rewards

On the other side, you may blitz the older quests that you have beaten before.
According to this, if you get special event quests around, you can then blitz those to get some extra big rewards
You can earn these rewards such as gems, which are the premium currency of the game.
An, you can get them for free from each quest you can complete well


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