More Energy to Get Best Score and Rewards in Amazing Run iPhone

Amazing Run is a kind of an endless running game that you can play on mobile platforms, ios and android
In this game, you will get some moving obstacles will not damage you unless you will fall on top of the spike or in the water.

amazing run walkthrough ios android

Every time you hit an obstacle, you will only knockdown, that will make you restart the level again
In order to do it right, you will have to wait for the right timing and tap the screen left and right to instantly stand up and proceed as quick as you can.

As an illustration, when you knockdown, your body is moving towards at the edge of the pathway
In line with this, you will have to tap the screen left and right to avoid falling to the water or avoid spike in each level.

If you can do so well, you avoid falling for your next knockdown.
Therefore, the timing of your jump will be the key to rush at the finish line.

Anyway, this game will require energy in that you will only have 10 energy at maximum capacity to be able to play
And, you will need 1 energy to run through for each level.

Once running out of energy, you must wait for 5 mins to replenish 1 energy.
Be sure to check the game’s notification to notify that you have a full energy.

On the other side, you will also be able to get rewards if you can complete each level well
Also, you can get Daily Bonus every time you login the game daily
So, just play this game regularly to get some cool rewards form the developer


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