More Energy Collector Cheats in Green the Planet iPhone

Pumo has delivered Green the Planet to the apple store where you will be assigned to rescue a barren planet and turn it into a green paradise as it was.
Here, you will have to destroy comets coming down on the plant and gather up some different items that can be turned into energy to restore the planet.

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The game will get you to get more energy that you can do by collecting items once comets are destroyed in that that energy can be used to restore the planet
And, you can also use energy to purchase a variety of upgrades that can make your life in the game easier with it.

In line with this, all of that energy that you get from the comets can be used not only to green up the planet, but you can use it to upgrade your equipment.

Anyway, upgrading the comet detectors will be a good way to earn more energy, and tougher comets will be more frequently that will contain more energy.

Later on, upgrading the green level of the planet will also make more powerful comets come your way so make sure to manage your energy wisely and balance upgrades.

If you can get to higher green bar, it will be great to get more resources that you will earn from the comets by a long shot
So, be sure to upgrade your green bar as fast as you can.

If you see the planet green up to 100 percent, the game will restart
But, you will keep all of the energy that you have collected before.

Furthermore, you must also upgrade the green level of the planet, that will make tougher comets to appear in the sky, with more loot, so the comet detector is merely just the icing on the proverbial cake.

Meanwhile, it will highly be recommended to upgrade your weapons first then cannons
And, you can also switch to missiles or lasers to shoot all comets.

Using missiles will automatically aim at the comets and they are the best for singular, powerful comets.
And, lasers will fire a direct shot right through multiple comets and they are best for many weaker comets, then they can do a quick sweep for the comets from side to side which will allow you to get out of a dangerous situation.
But, using lasers will not be the strongest weapon, so you should avoid using them when facing one of the stronger comets.

Except weapons, you have also to upgrade the collector, which earns energy while you are offline.
Moreover, you can also upgrade the speed of earnings as well as the capacity of energy that can be stored before you gather it.

When seeing this circumstance, you can try using your energy for a quick advantage.
Also, upgrading your weaponry is highly recommended to start with because if you green up the planet in a quick time you cannot do anything else because of weak weapons.

On the other side, if you get your green bar to the high 90s, just save as much energy as you can so that you can restart with as much excess energy as possible.
With a bunch of extra energy, you can complete the game quickly

In addition, after getting the planet restored fully, you can start a new restoration cycle, with the green level going back to zero, but all your remaining energy will be carried over then.

Looking at this, you can quickly restore the new planet if you have saved enough energy to get more important upgrades such as weapons, the comets detector, the collector that will be needed along the game.



  1. For an easy auto-attack for easy money:  

    1 run the game on an iPad
    2 set the iPad on a flat surface
    3 set an iPhone 4 on it’s side on the screen
    4 voila – the gun continuously fires

    If you’ve got your missiles maxed, just let it run – effortless cash.

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