More Crystals Ball to Get High Points Score in Polish Blast Android

Polish Blast from Red Piston can be categorized into a new matching game or a drag to make a combo game that you can play on the iOS and Android devices

polish blast walkthrough ios android

Similar to any matching game out there, playing this game will be pretty simple as you will simply draw a line in between like-colored polishes to clear out for certain points
Besides, you will also have to complete missions to get high score in the levels.

This game takes the crystal balls as an energy counted at the top of the screen
You will get 50 max of energy in which if you use five of them for every level you lose the level and start from the beginning again.

Anyway, there is a way to get all of them back in a quick time that you can do by applying time lapse trick
In line with this, all you will do is to set the time on your game by five minutes per ball that you want to regenerate.

Once doing this this, you have to go back to the game and you will get all of your crystal balls restored there in automatic.
After getting the ball, be sure to set the time back to normal again

The main point to play this game is to draw the lines as much as you can to get more special pieces
In accordance with this, these special pieces will help you clear out one line, either horizontally or vertically, or they can clear out two lines at a time.

Later on, you can use them as long as you have it as part of a three-piece combo or more.
Alternatively, you can also save them up for the end of the round, in which they can blow up after reaching the main goal in the levels.

Here, performing combo chain in the level will give you a lot of points
According to this, if you want to make a big combo, just try to start clearing out all but one color, then save the color for last.

Afterward, you will be able to get a big string of them together next to each other.
Once they have attached to each other consisting of 15 to 20 bottles of polish, you can then try to clear them out to get a big points.

On the other side, this game also offers power ups that will really help you complete each level at ease
At this point, you can add friends playing the game on Facebook, then you can send power-ups back

In addition, the more you master in each level, the more points that you will get in the game
So, just play this game in daily basis to master the game


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