More Coins Get New Ball in Qubes iPhone

Qubes from Ketchapp can be said as tapping game that can be played on the ios and android devices
Here, you will simply tap to change the direction of the bouncing ball while collecting gold coins to unlock new balls used for later levels

qubes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide Q*Bert or Qubes, as a bouncing ball to go straight off the mountain and ending your round.

During in the game, you will have to watch out for the various traps and power-ups on the stage.
In line with this, you may see the holes, which will put you at risk of falling right through.

At this point, the target-shaped print on a block will bounce you two squares instead of one.
And, you can pick up a green square to make a path to follow.
If you pick up a purple square, it will fill in holes to pass a big gap.

Every time, you do your action, be sure to tap before the ball hits the next square
Sometimes, you may get the game run in fast paced, which will make you easy tap too late and miss the jump
Therefore, you must jump on the square after the one you intended to jump on.
Always, time your jumps down perfectly to gain high scores in each level.

Coins can be said as cosmetics to use for having new ball
You can grab them freely as a gift, in which you will get coins between 150 and 250 coins at a time.

To get this gift more often, you may set the push notifications to have the game alert you for a free gift to pick up.
Once it has been available, just get it and the countdown will reset itself.

Alternative, you can get some free coins by watching ad videos.
At this point, the earn coins pop up will sometimes come up randomly after rounds
For such reasons, just tap them to get around 50 free coins for watching an ad video.
Be sure to do this when you have an internet connection turned on

Once having 250 coins, you will be able to unlock new ball.
You will get the gift box randomized like a roulette
If you open it, you will get a new ball pop out with a different shape, such as an orange, a monster, or just a marble with cool colors.
With this new ball, you will different appearance of playing this game.


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