More Cash to Get Seed Booster in Weed Firm Replanted iPhone

Weed Firm: RePlanted may be the next and new version of a similar game called Tea Firm Replanted which was popular among ios and android devices a year ago

weed firm replanted walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to grow weed and sell it for cash as much as possible
Here, you will merely work out from indoor or the home or a growhouse to plant and grow your weed
Later on, you will have to upgrade your weed, your house and any stuff to make your customers happy.
In the mean time, you must stay alert of the crooked cops who always supervise your activity

Cash or money here is the premium currency of this game
You can make more cash in any other way, in which you can collect it from sharing your cash on Facebook, Twitter, email, or other forms of social media
Each time, you share it, you will get 100 cash directly.

In line with this, if you tap the email button, and cancel the mail popup, you will still get 100 cash once you get back to the game.
For further, you can do this as many times as you want to get free unlimited cash.

In order to grow the weed, you will need water.
But, if you want to grow those weeds without using much water, you can plant it, then minimize the game window for a long enough time which will let the weed grow by itself.
Be sure to put a bottle into each pot to let the weed grow automatically.

On the other side, to finish growing your weed right away, you can set the time ahead on your phone to however long your particular weed needs to finish
Afterward, you can then go to the game to get your weed grown up and ready to harvest.

Sometimes, you may run out of tasks to complete
Completing tasks will earn you experience points, and you can do this by growing as much weed as you can
Then, you can then sell as much weed as you can to get experience points and cash.

Meanwhile, you can also watch out for an opportunity to get the couch from one of your customers
Once purchasing it, all of your actions will become worth double the experience points which they were before.

In addition, you can also get help things from your customers.
In accordance with this, you can get the safe which will really be handy to save up all of your money from Officer Malone who is the crooked cop supervising all of your activities.

To defend your self from the competitors, you can also get the shotgun to shoot the gangsters knocking to the door trying to steal your weed in the room.


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