More Cash to Get New Cars Smashy Road Wanted iPhone

Smashy Road: Wanted is designed by Remco Kortenoever for ios users where you will be brought to drive all around the city, while avoiding the increasingly large number of cops chasing your car, and surviving for as long as you can for collecting a bunch of cash

smashy road walkthrough ios android

This cash is used to unlock new car such as tank destroyer, f1, moneyman, hovercraft, alien, swagmobile, drag racer, 4×4, mr massive and Dr drift

Along the game, you will rev up your engine to go through some tracks such as the dessert, grasslands, the city or even the secret areas while trying to escape form the police, the swat, the army jeeps and the tanks

To play this game, your car will go automatically, but you will merely control it with left or right move
And, you can also brake and reverse by tapping the L and R petals at a time.

During the game, always watch out for oversteer when your car slides rather easily and be sure to reverse fast when you get cornered by the police

Besides, you are tasked to collect cash as much as you can
You can gather this cash scattered around the road when you are driving your car

But, you can also get cash for free by tapping the free cash button, while you are driving our car
Here, you will simply be tasked to watch an advertisement video, that will grants you 20 cash per watched video.

After collecting about 100 cash in the game, you can unlock a new car with different size and characteristics.

For example the lifted Hummer-esque trucks can go fast off-road, but they are slower on road
And, the Red Rare sports car are lightning fast on the road, but they are slow and difficult to control when used in off road track.

In order to avoid the cops, just try to wreck them by driving around the buildings area.
You can drive around near a building or structure or near some cars to make the cops crash and burn in that location.

When trying to avoid cops, just drive through business parks or groups of buildings to wreck some of them there.

You can go to a construction yard to hide inside of dirt piles and piles of gravel, then continue your journey from the city to the desert to escape from the cop`s chase.



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