More Cash for Super Combo in Raceline CC iPhone

Rebellion have just come to the apple store along with the amazing exclusive motorcycle game called Raceline CC that you can mainly play both on iPhones and iPads devices

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Along the game, you will be brought to experience in the world of underground street racing, challenge rivals, negotiate with sponsors and upgrade your bikes to go fast on the road of metropolis

Later on, you will also be able to compete in the championships, grids and daily challenges to get cash and coins to get new and upgrade your bikes

When you are about to go for a racing time, having a perfect start in the race will usually make or break a race

In line with this, try to get the perfect start by holding the acceleration button for a longer time as soon as the counter starts
Afterward, you can tap it fast to keep it in the green to have perfect starts.

Every vehicle in this game has its own characteristic in which you have to learn it as the slipstreams will grant you great speed boosts

You can take advantage of the truck which you are normally starting by, then you can take it forward with perfect slips.
Always remember to not go too early since you will have some time after the two arrows hit for a perfect slip instead of an early one.

Later on, when it is about to slide narrowly between vehicles, be sure pick the right side
At the same time, you must always look forward at the road and make sure to turn to the side to get closer to the near vehicle on the street.
If you have more slip during a race, you can go faster and get a big chance to win the race

And, when starting a Grid event, always remember to have enough energy to complete it
At this point, you can complete the easiest route first to get the easy scratch ticket, which will be useful to get free upgrades for your bike.
According to this, be sure to get the most expensive upgrade such as the engine or the gearbox.

During the race, the power of your bike will be the top priority to start a race
In other words, having a better bike will give you a greater chance to win races that will come to more cash and coins to collect

Once collecting enough cash, you can access the market to purchase the upgrades
In order to get more cash in the game, all you will do is to take part in the Free Races as often as possible

Besides, you can also participate in the daily challenge, the tournament and the grid to collect some cash
Also, you can try playing in the district, which is like the Championship Cup event where you will get a big rewards by winning that events.

When doing dome upgrades for your bikes, be sure to do it orderly from suspension, tires, exhaust, engine, gearbox, body kit to brakes.
With the upgraded bike you have got in the game, you will then race and win it at ease


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