More Balls Cheats in ZenDots iPhone

Little White Bear Studios has come to ios device with their newest game, called ZenDots in which this is all about playing the pinball

zendots walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to drop all of the balls off of the top of the stage, then go to the next stage and do the same thing.

To drop a ball off of the top of the stage, you will have to hit it with the white ball.
When you see a ball falls, you can then hit it back up with the flippers
Here, the white ball is the only one that will knock other balls off the top of the stage
For such reasons, you should concentrate on hitting the white balls to make changes.

To make any changes, you can try getting the white ball stuck above all of the other dots at the top of the screen that you can do by making a hole then shooting it through.
If you see it gets stuck there it will roll across all of the dots coming across, then dislodge them.
At that point, they will fall once you clear out the dots blocking their way.

In line with this, do not ever lose all three of your dots or you will restart the level.
In order to get more dots, you can simply watch an advertisement video displayed on the game.
According to this, you can watch videos for free dots, in which you will earn amounts to red unlimited dots.

In this game, each stage will have the exact same dot or ball layout.
In accordance with this, the exact same strategies will work on every single stage you are playing.
The balls will not move faster, and the layout will not change
You will see the changes when the five rows of balls appear on the stage.

Once progressing some stages or levels, you will often see the ball to go down fast and you will be confused to use the left or right flipper
At this occasion, you can simply hit them both at the same time to make them both fire
And, you can tap the ball, as there is not enough space in between them to miss when doing so.
In addition, you can also start rapidly that you can do by tapping the left and right side many times.


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