More Atoms to Get Multiplier Power ups in Major Tom iPhone

Major Tom Best Free Endless Space Game developed by DAS Studios can be said as a simple action platformer game which is specifically designed for the ios and android platforms

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In this game, you will have to control the titular Major Tom to jump from planet to another while collecting all the atoms to power up your character

In other words, to play this game, all you will do is simply to jump, fly, tap and bounce your way through the planets with your hero, an astronaut.

When you travelling through the planets and collecting all the atoms along the way, you must make sure to avoid fire from comets.

During your action, your character can stay on a planet and orbit around it indefinitely.
As said earlier, all you will need to do in this game is to aim your jumps well.
So, just take your time and collect as many atoms as you can while jumping from planet to planet.

When you are about to collect the atoms, they are always lined up in a specific trajectory.
Be sure to grab them when you are jumping to the next planet.
Always time your jump to follow the line exactly
In the mean time, be sure to watch out for any stray meteors that is about to come

Every planet in this game will have its own rotation speed and direction
In line with this, if you are about to jump it from one to another, you must consider to time your jump
It is caused by, rushing through your jumps will end up getting sideswiped by a planet’s direction.

Sometimes, you may deal with some planets rotating clockwise and some counter-clockwise.
And, they will rotate in various speed, in which the speed will determine how powerful your jumps will be.
For such reasons, you must focus on the planets and be sure not to fling your character off into space

When performing your action, you will see a meteor moving back and forth in the middle of an atom line.
If you see one, just skip the atoms and go straight to the next planet, while dodging the meteor along the way.

Once progressing through the game, you will have some atoms to be used to get power up to increase your jump speed

With this power up, you may be able to dodge meteors fast
If you have enough atoms, you have to save them for either the multiplier or magnet power upgrades which will be useful to help you travel from one planet to another.


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